Google Ads is a proven marketing channel for many businesses. Like all marketing tactics, there is no guarantee for success. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it. But the reason you should always give Google Ads a shot is that it has great digital marketing fundamentals, much like content marketing and SEO. To have your account reviewed or set up, contact a Google Ads consultant / PPC specialist today.

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The Strong Fundamentals of Google Ads

For those that are interested, you will find that Google Ads is scalable, flexible and highly measurable.  What exactly do I mean?

1. After making your list of keywords, sorting them into ad groups, making landing pages and setting your cost-per-click or cost per acquisition bid, you will know whether or not you are reaching a high enough profit margin. This is because you can easily establish conversion tracking to measure the number of leads, sales or downloads your websites gets, among many other key performance indicators.

Your spend will show up not only in your Google Ads account but your Google Analytics account, and you’ll be able to pin down your exact marketing ROI.

What’s even better, once you know things are profitable, you can scale. Bid on more keywords or bid higher on the keywords that are converting the most customers. I particularly like how you can drill down into a campaign that’s profitable to find some keywords that aren’t working and remove them from your campaign. This means that even when you’re winning with Google Ads, you can do more.

2. If your campaign is clearly not working, you can change parts of the process that are under performing. This is the flexibility I’m referring to.

A/B test ad text, A/B test landing pages, adjust your bid price, raise your quality scores to improve AdRank so you don’t have to spend as much. You can also go after lower cost keyword phrases. After a solid amount of refinement, if you’re not hitting your numbers, shut it down.

3. Targeting in digital marketing is a staple of any good campaign. With Google Ads you first filter your visitors by their search interest, but you can and should do more. Refine your targeting with age and gender specifics, location targeting and more.

You can even add remarketing code to your site and create segments to target previous visitors who looked at specific products or services.

adwords expert sacramento

Work with a Sacramento Google Ads Expert

When choosing a marketing strategy, choose one with good fundamentals. As a Google Ads consultant, I can do many things within your account and with your landing pages to improve performance. An experienced PPC specialist knows how to analyze data effectively, leverage smart PPC tactics, and make the right decisions when it comes to bidding on keywords.

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