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“Local SEO helps you focus on acquiring customers from a specific region by increasing your footprint for geo-targeted keywords. The five local SEO tasks you should do right now to increase targeted web traffic include…”

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“According to this article from Moz, a SEO industry leader, almost half of all SEO companies are charging over $150 per hour.”

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“How many times have you found a super profitable keyword that’s crucial to your digital marketing success, only to be stuck on page 2 or 3? What’s even worse is your competition is on page 1, aren’t they? This is precisely when you need to employ a longform content marketing strategy. Stop cranking out 500 word posts every week if your goal is to get them on page 1. Instead try doing two, 2000 plus word articles each month.”

Keyword Research Advice: Longtail, Conversion and Difficulty Scores

“In general, most SEO beginners are doing their keyword research wrong. People focus on volume way too much, which leads you away from long-tail, easy to rank for keyword phrases and steers you toward the murky, difficult to navigate waters of broad based phrases.”