Sacramento SEO Companies & Services to Be Wary Of

Cort Tafoya:I’ve spent years as marketing consultant working for dozens of companies. Through conducting public workshops, classes and networking, I’ve developed and maintained good relationships with SEO agencies that I trust.¬†However, the majority of contracts and work I’ve seen from SEO companies is so ridiculous and sub par, it hurts. I know their clients trust them and are hoping for major increases in web traffic and rankings, and I can only imagine how they feel when they’re out thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars and literally see no results.

Are you thinking about hiring a Sacramento SEO company for your business? Here’s a list of common pitfalls you should definitely look out for.

Contracts that Have You Paying for Hundreds of Links

This is a major violation of Google’s guidelines for a couple reasons. First, all links back to your site need to come from legitimate, relevant websites. These links should be on pages that have some relevance to your business or industry.

So how can a SEO company know or guarantee that you’ll get hundreds of links? Who and where are all these websites? Why would these other websites offer to link back to you?

10/10 times these companies are taking your dollars and paying people in 3rd world countries to put a link back to your site on some other spammy or fake website, or even a site they just created, all in hopes of manipulating Google. It won’t work because of features within Google’s algorithm¬†that detect rapid link acceleration and spam sites. The only result will be all of your content¬†being penalized, often leaving you on Google’s page 20.

Expensive Monthly Retainers That Don’t Include Content Production

It’s one thing to pay for a few, regularly scheduled hours of consulting with a Sacramento SEO expert, but if you’re paying a company thousands of dollar per month, what are they promising?

Google is going to index your website whether you have a SEO company or not. Your rankings will not fluctuate a great deal week to week. So unless there is constant changes to your website, including redesigns and new subdomains, I can’t imagine why you need a SEO company each month unless they’re involved in blogging.

Blogging and web page creation, along with some legitimate link building ideas, are the only things you really need to pay a multi-thousand dollar retainer for.

Automated Reports and Indexing

If you want a weekly report on your total search traffic, how much it’s increasing or decreasing each month, and what your top landing pages are, I can set this up for you in 15 minutes using Google Analytics and you’ll get a PDF every week showing your search stats.

If you’re curious about your rankings, all you need to do is setup Google Search Console (another 15 minute task at most).

And if you see in your SEO services agreement anything about getting URLs indexed, Google will do that automatically or you can use a tool called Fetch as Google and have a page indexed in less than a minute.

So stay away from expensive contracts that offer any of these easy to setup items.

Avoid Expensive SEO Companies, Work with a Local Expert Instead

I have a standing offer to review any SEO contracts and will let you know if you’re getting ripped off.

Contact me at or fill out the form below. Thanks for reading.



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