Longform Content Tips from a Sacramento SEO Consultant

Just check out this chart from serpIQ.com. It truly says it all about the necessity of longform, 2000+ word content when you’re trying to rank on page 1.


image via SERPIQ.com

How many times have you found a super profitable keyword that’s crucial to your digital marketing success, only to be stuck on page 2 or 3? What’s even worse is your competition is on page 1, aren’t they?

This is precisely when you need to employ a longform content marketing strategy. Stop cranking out 500 word posts every week if your goal is to get them on page 1. Instead try doing two, 2000 plus word articles each month.

Coming up with that amount of content is tough, so below I’ve listed a few tips. I’ll also explain what structure these articles should fall under. For more search marketing advice, contact a Sacramento SEO consultant today.

Merge Old Posts, Hack Your Emails

Ok, so you know all those old posts you’ve been writing that were 500 words? There’s probably a ton of them in the archives.

Go to your Google Analytics account and check your top 50-100 landing pages. If you don’t see these blogs in there, that means that no one is finding them through Google. So categorize these posts and pick 2-3 keywords they relate to.

Edit, merge and do some minor rewrites to make 3-4 of these old articles one new, 2000+ word blog or web page. Now before you publish it, delete the old blogs (you don’t want duplicate content) and run a redirect from the old, deleted blog URLs to the new URL of your new mega content. Voila, you’ve cranked out SEO friendly content without doing much heavy lifting.

Another repository of mass content is your email account. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken all my responses about SEO, AdWords or Google Analytics questions and copied them into a new post on WordPress. If I’m doing all that writing, I might as well maximize it. You should too.

Listicles and Ultimate Guides

Look at this insane search result. Everything is a list. Well, guess what? This is about to be the new norm. There’s no clear cut answer as to why Google loves putting listicles on page 1, but us SEO’s have an idea.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 10.17.40 PM

People love lists – they click on them all the time. They flow, they’re skimmable and you have a general expectation of how long it will take to read them.

Because Google looks at click thru rates as a way to re rank content on search engine result pages, the more clicks these lists get the more they move up.

Lists are easy to expand to 1000-2000 words – as a writer you can move from item to item unlike an essay. I recommend you put your longform content into a list form whenever possible.

If you’re tired of doing lists, people using the phrase “ultimate guide” in the title are also doing well in terms of SEO.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 10.24.14 PM

For more SEO tips, contact me below. Thanks for reading.

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