What SEO Services Are Worth Paying for?

Time and time again, reports show that SEO is the single best digital marketing investment you can make. There are always exceptions, but if I only had one tool in my tool box to grow my business, I’d want it to be SEO.

So in that regard, you should always designate a budget for SEO services. Whether you’re thinking about working with a Sacramento SEO expert or a Sacramento SEO company, you’ll want to review the items below that are worth paying for.

Too often SEO service providers are including things in contracts that far exceed their real value. Here are a few just to start.

Monitoring Your Website

I’ve been in the business for years and I honestly don’t know what this means. Google is going to index your pages no matter what. To be safe you can even use a tool called Fetch as Google located in Google Search Console. It’s free and takes about  4-5 clicks.

If your not making drastic changes to your site, your website will not just fall out of Google’s quality guidelines. The only thing that would lead to a penalty is spammy link building, keyword stuffing, and other illegitimate practices. Ironically, it’s usually SEO companies that get people penalized for those things.

Organic Traffic Reports

As if this were some huge mystery that only a SEO specialist could solve. In Google Analytics, it takes a few clicks to find your organic search traffic. From there, you can setup an automated weekly report that hits your inbox with an attached PDF. That only takes a few clicks too, so don’t over pay for stuff that can be automated.

Setting Up Google Search Console

You can simply Google “how to setup Google Search Console” – a free tool from Google – and probably do it yourself in about 5-10 minutes. Yet too often I see SEO companies putting this in their contract and charging hundreds of dollars for it.

Search Console is a great tool that lets you track all your rankings, so definitely learn how to navigate it. But don’t over pay for someone to set it up for you.

I’ll Review Your Sacramento SEO Services Contract

If you’re working with a Sacramento SEO company or agency, send over your contract and I’ll tell you if you’re getting ripped off. I’ll do this for free and could potentially save you thousands of dollars or even help you avoid getting your site penalized.

Thanks for reading.

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